Making Social-Emotional Learning an Epic Adventure!

Discover the Power of Play

Have you ever wondered what makes learning so exciting for children? Well, in the dynamic world of education, one method truly shines for captivating young minds: game-based learning.

Game-based learning offers a dynamic and immersive educational experience that engages, delights, and empowers children in ways that traditional methods cannot match. TomoClub stands out as a beacon of excellence in social-emotional learning & leadership curriculum. With its innovative approach, TomoClub is redefining SEL education in schools across the USA, empowering children with the skills they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Actively Engaging

Games captivate children's attention like no other medium. By immersing them in dynamic scenarios and challenges, game-based learning keeps them actively engaged throughout the learning process.

Iterative yet Joyful

Through iterative gameplay, children learn the invaluable lesson of resilience and perseverance. Games evoke a sense of joy and accomplishment that fuels children's enthusiasm for learning.

Skills as Outcome

Games provide an environment that enhances children's skills, and understanding. From the thrill of discovery to the satisfaction of mastering new skills, games present an opportunity for growth and determination.

Socially Interactive

Games offer abundant opportunities for collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Games promote rich social interactions that strengthen interpersonal skills and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Our Scope and Sequence

Our games library outlines the comprehensive structure and progression of our SEL curriculum, ensuring a logical and effective learning journey for students. This detailed roadmap highlights the key skills and concepts covered at each stage, providing educators with a clear framework for student development.

The First Settlers

Grow fruit, generate electricity, expand water sources, and populate the map to create a flourishing settlement, rich in resources.

Skills in focus: Resource Management, Problem-solving, Collaboration.

River Taxi

Ride the tides of the future in this endless, real-time strategy game. Ferry passengers to their destinations on time, and get high star ratings.

Skills in focus: Second-order thinking, Resource Management, and Opportunity Cost

Jolly Jumpers

A character's abilities change based on their emotions, speed, jump, & height. But one teammate faces the challenge blindfolded, relying on another's guidance.

Skills in focus: Conflict management, Emotional perception, and Self-reflection.

The Crisis Crew

Explore a top-secret facility filled with challenging puzzles. Locate special keys, activate contraptions, and navigate your way through the mazes to win.

Skills in focus: Active Listening, Visual and Spatial skills, and Improvisation.

Secret Santa

Embark on a stealthy mission with your team to spread holiday cheer! Collect gifts, avoid obstacles, and finish your deliveries before time runs out to assist Santa.

Skills: Decision-making, Team-playing, and Critical Thinking skills.

Emotional Rollercoaster

As the class teacher on a school field trip to the amusement park, observe your students' needs and direct them to the rides they'll enjoy the most.

Skills: Social-emotional Awareness of abilities, and Effective Planning

Food For Every Mood

Work together to manage a bustling kitchen on Mars. Observe the fullness, mood, and health of the aliens, and curate the perfect meal to satisfy your customers.

Skills: Emotional Intelligence, Analysis, Coordination

Backyard Blast

Strategize with your team, hurl villainous plants into your opponent's backyard, and defend your backyard! Use unique tools and fertilizers to gain an edge.

Skills: Foster Strategic Thinking and Time Management skills

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