A Dive Into The
Future Of Education

Foster the social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive abilities of today’s children!

What better way to learn than through games!

Our curriculum and professional learning are grounded in research and focused on fostering the Whole Child with vertically-aligned lessons that teach SEL and 21st century soft skills

Our Curriculum

The curriculum that TomoClub offers is designed by educators, for educators. Relevant, engaging, and easy-to-use.

  • Research based
  • Plug and play Lessons
  • Comprehensive slide deck
  • Implementation support

Our Programs


Novice in at least 2


Emerging in at least 2


Accomplished in at least 2 competencies

Our Professional learning

All professional learning options focus on low-burden, high-impact strategies to infuse social & emotional learning into the classroom.

  • Focused on implementation 
  • Interactive and engaging 
  • Role specific trainings
  • On-Demand or Live

Our Modes

on demand professional learning

Meaningful professional learning that fits into any schedule!

One-On-One Sessions

Personal session with our education expert to help out with individual needs!

Micro-School Testimonials

Shauna Anderson

Co - Founder, CEO of Invata, Inc

“TomoClub offers an amazing program for my kids to learn from. It has had a very positive impact on the way we conduct our sessions in my classes. Really like the way the curriculum is crafted along with the games they have!”

Alexandra Macare

Global Education Consultant

“I don’t think I can go back to teaching the old way. I love the fact how the program addresses engagement and knowledge retention problems that we face in schools. A much needed reform to the way skills are being taught to our kids”

Janine Lyman

Mental Health Advocate

“I’ve seen the results in my students and it’s amazing to see them jump with joy while they learn much needed skills – Kudos to the team at TomoClub and their amazing line of games!”

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