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Our game-based curriculum sparks positive change by boosting emotional well-being, encouraging innovation, and nurturing leadership in Grade 3-12 students, empowering them to thrive in a fast-evolving world.

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The next frontier in essential skills is here!

Is your school seeking a curriculum that cultivates leadership and sparks innovation?

Discover our meticulously researched, expertly structured, and highly effective game-based curriculum. It’s designed to equip students with the essential skills for lifelong success in the dynamic digital world of today & tomorrow.

Here are our multiple curriculum offerings:

our key focus areas

Blending interactive multiplayer gaming with competencies

Aligned with State Standards, our unique blend of interactive gaming, and competencieslead to substantial positive changes in student behaviour, classroom engagement, and academic performance.

Upper Elementary School

We prioritize emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. We create a nurturing environment for students to explore emotions, cultivate empathy, and navigate social interactions effectively.

Middle School

Our approach integrates behaviour management and leadership development, empowering students to cultivate self-discipline, respect, and leadership. They grow into confident, empathetic community leaders.

High School

Children will soon work in jobs that don't yet exist, requiring creativity, initiative, adaptability, and problem-solving. We teach collaboration, communication, and problem-solving to help them thrive in the 21st century.

Our Impact

Transforming academic and personal development for Student Success

Implementing TomoClub’s game-based curriculum has significantly impacted students and schools, showing measurable improvements.

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of students eagerly await TomoClub weekly

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growth in the positive behaviour

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career readiness skills are covered

our students' learning roadmap

Extensive game library to
skyrocket student engagement

The First Settlers

Skills in focus: Resource Management, Problem-solving, Collaboration

Backyard Blast

Skills in focus: Foster Strategic Thinking and Time Management skills

River Taxi

Skills: Second-order thinking, Resource Management, and Opportunity Cost


Skills in focus: Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Comprehension

The Crisis Crew

Skills in focus: Active Listening, Visual and Spatial skills, and Improvisation.

Food For Every Mood

Skills: Emotional Intelligence, Analysis, Coordination

Secret Santa

Skills: Decision-making, Team-playing, and Critical Thinking skills


Skills: Improvisation, Practicality, and making tactical decisions

Jolly Jumpers

Skills: Conflict management, Emotional perception, and Self-reflection


Skills: Conflict management, Emotional perception, and Self-reflection

Det. da Vinci

Skills: Observation, Convergent Thinking, Brainstorming, Divergent Thinking

Cosmos Colour Clash

Skills: Quick decision-making, Collaboration, and Spatial Awareness

Emotional Rollercoaster

Skills: Social-Emotional Awareness of Abilities, and Effective Planning

A New Beginning

Skills: Collaboration and Compromise, Resource Management, Decision-making

History Lesson

Skills: Social-emotional Awareness and Effective Planning

Why Choose Us

TomoClub Advantages

Our unique blend of interactive gaming, skills and competencieslead to substantial positive changes in student behaviour, engagement, and academic performance.

High Classroom Engagement

Team of Expert Educators

Tech Compatibility

Growth in Positive Behaviour

Enhancing Academic Success

Promoting Equity & Inclusion

Our expert educators

Meet our
SEL Experts

A team of seasoned educators brings a wealth of experience in K-12 and social-emotional learning, ensuring that our curriculum delivery is both innovative and effective.

Zoe Kelly

BA in Psychology & Education from UC Berkeley, 5+ years of teaching experience

Derron Lopez

BS in Molecular Cell Biology & Physiology from CSU Long Beach

Jennifer Jones

BA in Teaching from Kansas City, 10+ years of teaching experience

Nathanael Braden

MBA in Business, 3 years of tutoring experience

TomoClub is happy to help you!

TomoClub tailors implementation plans to suit your school’s unique requirements, ensuring an effective SEL program.

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F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs for valuable insights into TomoClub. Gain a deeper understanding of how TomoClub enriches social and emotional learning.

TomoClub games are integrated into the school schedule as part of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. They complement the regular academic curriculum and can be conducted during or after school hours.

Yes, TomoClub offers a variety of games tailored to different grade levels. These games are designed to match the developmental stage and competency level of students in grades 3-12, ensuring an age-appropriate and engaging learning experience.

TomoClub games are structured to prevent addiction by focusing on skill development and social interaction rather than compulsive gameplay. They are moderated by qualified teachers and designed to be part of a balanced curriculum with clear objectives and time limits.

Learning outcomes in TomoClub are measured using a combination of direct and indirect methods, including student feedback, performance in games, and teacher observations. These assessments help understand the impact of the SEL curriculum on students' development.

Classroom management in TomoClub is facilitated through game-based learning, where educators use SEL strategies to enhance student engagement and manage behavior. The curriculum is designed to create a positive and inclusive learning environment, reducing behavioral issues and increasing student success.

Setting the stage for Student Success through Skills Education

Empower learners with the essential tools and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-changing world, setting them on a path towards lifelong success.

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TomoClub is a game-based learning platform designed to enhance students’ essential life skills and leadership. We provide customized curricula for schools, focusing on accelerating growth of their students.

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