Turning kids into collaborative problem solvers

What is TomoClub?

Live Social

Expect your child to be a part of multiple exciting and educational games that will promote soft skill learning and improve social aptitude 

Peer to peer learning

Peer to peer learning will encourage your child to learn actively and gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning

certified moderators

Your child will be a part of a friendly and safe environment that is carefully monitored by certified  moderators 

How Does It Work?

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Click on the register button, book your child's seat today & fill the gap of learning socially and developing life skills

24 Hour enrollment

We will enrol your child in a new cohort of students within 24 hours, all communications would be made real-time

start the classes

We will share the 4-week schedule where your kid will learn all the necessary skills through our award-winning games

Our Educational Games


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Our course will help your kid develop life skills which one definitely requires, especially in their growth years. Our cohort structure will help them build networks of friends early on with their lives.

No, we don’t teach the core curriculum of STEAM as of now. We are an after school activity focused on enhancing your child’s life skills in problem solving and decision making.

All our teachers have had years of prior experience of teaching in the US education system. They understand the shortcoming of the curriculum and also know how to manage kids with compassion and empathy.

If you’re not happy with the course at any point, we’ll refund immediately.

We are currently taking in kids in the 8-14 years age bracket.


All your child needs is a computer/laptop/iPad and a stable net connection.

We’re trying to replace the kid’s current screen time from indulgent games which produce no outcomes with simulation learning games which help in enhancing essential SEL skills. Also in our sessions, we make kids play 3-4 rounds of 10 min games with breaks in between.

Tomo Club complies with the COPPA Policy – (“COPPA Policy”) is designed to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and its rules. We do not share, sell, rent, or transfer children’s personal data or other information. We prioritize safety and privacy of the users. Tomo Club works with parents, educators, and digital safety experts to promote a welcoming environment for everyone. Our software includes features such as chat filters, private servers, and extensive content moderation.