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TomoClub is a Game based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum aligned with CASEL and the State Standards

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Why Choose Us?

Our game-based learning creates an active learning environment in the classroom with discussions, and peer to peer interactions important to learn SEL skills.

No prep time for Educators

Our platform offers an effortless setup, streamlined interface, and ready-to-implement lesson plans.

Maximized Engagement

Our game based interactive curriculum increases students' active participation.

Effective Learning Outcomes

TomoClub multiplayer games teach essential future-ready skills like communication, collaboration, leadership, innovation, and emotional intelligence.

Helping Schools Shape Leaders Of Tomorrow

SEL improves students’ academic performance, behavior, and mental health. Integrating it into the curriculum creates a positive learning environment, promoting holistic personality development.

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Our Partners

Trusted By Reputed School Educators

"I highly recommend TomoClub to any educator looking for high-quality, effective, and meaningful SEL resources for their students. Their dedication to promoting social and emotional learning is evident in every resource they provide, and I am confident that my students will continue to benefit from their programs for years to come."
Sarah Legaspi
Curriculum Coordinator
at Innovative Education Management
“This Game-based SEL curriculum effectively enhances students' communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills. Even introverted students become more engaged and collaborative. The impact is remarkable.”
at Innovative Education Management
“TomoClub exceeded my expectations with their easy setup, seamless moderation, and accurate analysis reports. Impressive end-to-end support made it a hassle-free experience.”
Shauna Anderson
Advisor , ES, Social Media Ambassador
at South Sutter Charter School
“TomoClub sessions have significantly improved my students' strategic abilities and fostered a team-playing attitude.”
Alexandra Sorensen Macare
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder
at Always Meaningful Education

Implement Social-Emotional Learning in your Classroom with our worksheets

SWOT Analysis For Children

SWOT Analysis For Children

worksheet is designed to facilitate the development of self-awareness.
Critical Thinking Task Cards

Critical Thinking Task Cards

Equip students with tools necessary for academic and personal achievement.
30 Days SEL Activities For Kids

30 Days SEL Activities For Kids

Engagement in these activities will help cultivate SEL proficiencies among kids.

Ignite Student's Potential with TomoClub

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Explore Tomoclub!

Promote equity and inclusivity in your classroom with our SEL curriculum

Schedule a demo now or give us a call at (650) 547-8082 to learn more

Explore Tomoclub!

Promote equity and inclusivity in your classroom with our SEL curriculum

Schedule a demo now or give us a call at (650) 547-8082 to learn more