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Education is not just about what they know but who they become.

As automation and technological advancements transform industries, life skills like adaptability, critical thinking, and effective communication become essential for sustained career success and personal fulfilment.

The future belongs to those who are ready not just intellectually, but emotionally and socially as well.

Our Vision

Create generation of emotionally intelligent and socially responsible individuals equipped to thrive and lead in an ever changing world.

Our Mission

Empower children to cultivate resilience, grit, and leadership skills, encouraging innovation through enhanced emotional well-being.


Transforming academic and personal development for Student Success

Implementing TomoClub’s game-based SEL curriculum has had a profound impact on both students and schools, with measurable improvements in various areas:
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connects learning to real life

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growth in the positive behaviour

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Our Core team

Good education starts from great educators

Meet the visionaries behind our innovative programs, detailing their extensive experience and commitment to education.

Kurtis Indorf


Manik Mehta

Co-founder & CEO

Avinash Bansal

Co-founder & CPO

Chelsea Dean

Head of Curriculum

Sai Praveen

Head of Product

Why Choose Us

TomoClub Advantages

Our unique blend of interactive gaming, skills and competencieslead to substantial positive changes in student behaviour, engagement, and academic performance.

High Classroom Engagement

Our multiplayer gaming sessions make learning more interactive and enjoyable, motivating active participation and social interaction.

Team of Expert Educators

Our expert educators have created a curriculum that's educational and enjoyable, supporting a deeper understanding and joy of learning among students.

Tech Compatibility

Our platform is compatible with a wide range of devices and systems, providing a smooth and efficient learning experience for both educators and students.

Growth in Positive Behaviour

Our students have shown tangible improvements in attendance, behaviour referrals, and academic results. They attend school regularly and participate actively in class.

Enhancing Academic Success

The interactive approach of our curriculum enhances their ability to focus, engage, and persist in their studies, thus improving their understanding and performance across academic subjects.

Promoting Equity & Inclusion

Our inclusive curriculum encourages collaboration and understanding among diverse groups, ensuring every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.

TomoClub is happy to help you

TomoClub tailors implementation plans to suit your school’s unique requirements, ensuring an effective SEL program.


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