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Our course will help your kid develop life skills which one requires, especially during their growth years. Our cohort structure will enable them to build a network of friends to play with and learn from. What are the prerequisites for each session? What about my students’ privacy and personal data? Do you teach the core curriculum? Where are your teachers from?

No, we don’t teach the core curriculum of STEAM as of now. We are an after school activity focused on enhancing your child’s life skills in problem solving and decision making.

All our teachers have had years of prior experience of teaching in the US education system. They understand the shortcoming of the curriculum and undergo training for the same.

We are currently taking in kids in the 8-14 years age bracket.

All your child needs is a computer/laptop/iPad and a stable net connection.

Tomo Club complies with the COPPA Policy – (“COPPA Policy”) is designed to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and its rules. We do not share, sell, rent, or transfer children’s personal data or other information. We prioritize safety and privacy of the users. Tomo Club works with parents, educators, and digital safety experts to promote a welcoming environment for everyone. Our software includes features such as chat filters, private servers, and extensive content moderation. 

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