Video Games for Educating kids??

Video games have undeniably become a significant part of most of our lives, either as a source of entertainment or relaxation. They are fascinating because of the immersive experience they provide.

While they are undoubtedly fun, they can also aid in the growth of a child’s soft skills. These games can help in developing skills like strategic thinking, creativity, collaboration, and quick learning.

Soft skills promote personal growth and help make the most of the knowledge and technical expertise that one possesses. It boosts confidence and helps you achieve your goals more efficiently. Enjoyment is the core of promoting an eagerness to learn more about any given subject, and what better way to teach than educational games through which children can understand and implement the concepts they learn in real time?

“” is definitely one of those games.

It’s a game that focuses on soft skills, and it’s easy to comprehend too. Thus, anyone can play it thanks to the easy game mechanics involved. In the process of playing, your kid can develop skills that have become a necessity in today’s world. The game also lets the players create their own effective play style through various strategies. One’s ability to respond is constantly tested, which can improve one’s capacity to make tough decisions. The risk involved in the game hones different skills and strategies involving quick decision-making, multitasking, patience, teamwork, and coordination.

For instance, Tsukuyomi, a YouTuber who runs a gaming channel on the platform, stated that it is crucial to make studying as pleasurable as possible. He added that friendly rivalry encourages learning because it instils a competitive, winning attitude and builds confidence.

Check out the game review on his YouTube channel —

How does TomoClub help with the same?

TomoClub often uses “” in their live gaming sessions. It is the go-to place for kids to learn how to collaboratively solve problems and think creatively via online interactive games. Trained moderators, who conduct the sessions, ensure that these skills are taught in a fun, enjoyable and inclusive manner.

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