Understanding the Voices of Public School Teachers in the USA

Understanding the Voices of Public School Teachers in America


The American public education system stands at a critical juncture, facing numerous challenges that threaten its ability to provide quality education to every student. Teachers, the backbone of this system, find themselves at the heart of these issues, and their perspectives are crucial in guiding the way forward.

In a recent national poll conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, the voices of pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade public school teachers were heard. 

This article delves into the findings of this survey, shedding light on the concerns, motivations, and unique experiences of teachers in both district and charter schools.

Source: The Harris Poll
  1. Shared challenges and divergent experiences

Despite the differences between district and charter schools, the survey revealed that teachers from both sectors share a deep commitment to their profession and a genuine desire to positively impact the lives of their students. However, their experiences and motivations evolve, often influenced by their work environment and the challenges they face.

       2. A struggle for motivation and job satisfaction

One glaring issue highlighted in the survey is the erosion of teacher motivation over time. While a vast majority of teachers enter the profession driven by a sense of purpose and a calling to help children, the realities of the job often lead to diminishing motivation.

A significant 63% of public school teachers reported feeling less motivated than when they first entered the profession. This decline is concerning, as motivated and fulfilled teachers are essential for maintaining a high standard of education.

         3. Safety concerns in schools

The issue of safety emerged as a major concern for teachers. With the alarming rise in school shootings and incidents of violence, teachers are grappling with the responsibility of not only educating their students but also ensuring their safety. 

Nearly 67% of teachers identified “better safety in schools” as a crucial factor that could enhance their motivation and job satisfaction.

        4. Mental health and well-being

Teachers have become frontline observers of the deteriorating mental health of their students. The pandemic exacerbated existing challenges, leading to widening achievement gaps and an increase in students’ mental health issues. This, in turn, places an additional burden on teachers who are often called upon to address their students’ emotional needs. 

A striking 84% of teachers agreed that student mental health is at an all-time low, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive mental health support systems within schools.

Source: The Harris Poll

Charter Schools

Charter school teachers, despite facing many of the same challenges, exhibited higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation. Charter school environments, often characterized by greater flexibility, site-level autonomy, and alignment with personal values, appeared to contribute to these positive sentiments. 

The educators reported feeling more hopeful, valued, and supported, with 80% of them expressing equal or increased motivation as they gained experience in the profession.

The way forward

The survey results underscore the urgent need for substantial reforms in the public education system to support and retain teachers. While the challenges are daunting, teachers are not merely pointing out problems; they are actively seeking solutions. An overwhelming 97% of teachers expressed a desire to be part of problem-solving and solutions in education.

Improving teacher benefits, compensation, and professional development opportunities were identified as potential solutions to the challenges teachers face. Additionally, creating safer school environments, reducing non-instructional tasks, and increasing community engagement were cited as key factors in motivating teachers to stay in the profession.

Source: The Harris Poll

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Teachers are the bedrock of our education system, shaping the future of our nation through their dedication and passion. The insights provided by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ survey highlight the urgent need for change in the way we support and empower our teachers.

By listening to their voices, addressing their concerns, and implementing meaningful reforms, we can work together to ensure that our education system remains strong, vibrant, and capable of nurturing the potential of every student. It is time to recognize the critical role teachers play and take decisive actions to transform their experiences and, by extension, the future of our education system.


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