Let’s Hear It From The Kids: Children Impact Stories EP:3

Children Impact Story

This week we will interview one of our new students Stella. Let’s find out what made her join Tomoclub.


Stella is 11 years old. She joined Tomoclub this February.


Interviewer: Hello, Stella. How was today’s cohort? 


Stella: It was super fun. We played The First Settlers for the first time. The gaming rounds were excellent. 


Interviewer: That’s great to hear. What did you learn from the game? 


Stella: I learned a valuable lesson regarding resource management. The game made me think about how I can manage money more thoughtfully and utilize them in critical situations. From now on I will try not to spend my pocket money recklessly. 


Interviewer: It’s a really good lesson. This practice will come in handy in the future. What is your favorite Tomo game? 


Stella: I love playing Secret Santa. The game has helped me come out of my shell. I never knew this side of myself. 


Interviewer: Can you elaborate? 


Stella: I have always been a nerd. I loved reading books and researching different stuff. But I was too shy to discuss them with my teachers or friends. There were so many incidents when I knew something but didn’t respond in class or in group discussions.

I felt like I will stumble or embarrass myself. When I took part in the Tomoclub gaming rounds for the first time, I thought I can observe everything and play. But the moderator encouraged me to speak up and engage with other players.

In the second round, I was the leader and had to help my teammates to win the game. It was an intense situation, my teammates were asking for directions. So I had to break my shell and help them. Then everything went smoothly. We even won. That made me realize, my communication skills are not so bad. 


Interviewer: We are glad that you understood your potential. How did you know about Tomoclub? 


Stella: My mom got to know about it from a school webinar. She also printed the SEL worksheet. I have been following it for 7 days. I feel very calm and composed.


Interviewer: We are pleased to hear that. Thank you for your time.  


Find the previous interview from this link. 


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