Tomo Club: Teach Life Skills to Kids for Tomorrow

Hi There,

I am Avinash Bansal, from Tomo Club. I have been a Researcher, Teacher, Innovator, Engineer and Entrepreneur throughout my life. If anyone asks me to name one skill I value the most: I would always say Decision Making.

This skill I didn’t learn in 18 years of formal education but learnt from peers, books, videos, conferences and events. But I don’t want my kids to grow up like this, especially when the future of work is so uncertain.

That’s why as my next venture, I started Tomo Club where we form a network of curious kids, who explore their interests through simulations, games and discussions which teaches decision making skills, mental models and life skills.

If your kid is 9–14 years old, trust me, you don’t want them to miss out!

If you are interested, just hit me on

— — Avinash Bansal

— — Tomo Club

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