4 Reasons Not To Ban Chat Gpt In Schools

4 reasons not to ban chat gpt in schools

Chat Gpt is becoming increasingly popular in society. Understanding it will help students navigate the digital world. Here we will discuss 4 reasons not to ban Chat Gpt in schools.


What is Chat Gpt?

Chat Gpt is a famous AI chatbot. The system was primarily developed by Open AI to assist in online customer service. But people nowadays are using Chat Gpt for different purposes.

It is trained on a massive amount of textbooks, websites, and articles data to generate human-like responses. You can do multiple tasks like writing code or stories, debugging, or translating with Chat Gpt. The learning capabilities of this AI tool are highly advanced.

Recently, New York City’s education department banned Chat Gpt across all school devices and networks. The spokesperson of the department, Jenna Lyle shared the reason behind it.

She said, “Concerns about negative impacts on students learning and concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of contents lead to this decision.”
She added, “ while the tool may be able to provide quick and easy answers to questions, it does not build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for academic and lifelong success.”

Schools can still request access to Chat Gpt for AI-related education. After the announcement, Open AI has taken an initiative to assure the teachers. They offered help by developing mitigations to identify Chat Gpt-generated responses. 

While the debate on the long-term effects of Chat Gpt continues, we will try to understand why schools should not ban it. 

4 Reasons Not To Ban Chat Gpt In School


After analyzing various articles on Chat Gpt, we have concluded forbidding it in the classroom is not the right approach. If schools can utilize this chatbot correctly, it can unlock the hidden potential of the students. Let’s talk about the reasons. 

1. The ban will not sustain  

The main reason the ban will not work is educational institutions can only block Chat Gpt from School networks and devices. Students still can access it from private phones or laptops. They can even use VPN to open the Chat Gpt site from school. 

In the future, there will be many chatbots and it will be impossible to identify or keep track of students’ AI usage. Instead, educators can allow artificial intelligence entities for specific homework or assignment. Further, they can replace home tests with class tests or group discussions. 

2. It has great educational value

ChatGPT can accompany kids with language-related activities. Students can explore different writing styles and formats. It can also help them to practice conversations and comprehension. 

If students fail to understand complex text, they can ask ChatGpt to summarize it in a simple way. This will eventually improve the educational value of students. 

3. Chat Gpt will assist teachers

Tools like Chat Gpt can make teachers\’ jobs a bit easy if they use them correctly. Cherie Shields, a high school English Teacher in Oregon is using Chat Gpt for the story writing activity. During the task, students can utilize the AI to form the story outline but they have to write the narrative by themselves. 

This one is a great way to build positive interaction with Artificial Intelligence. Not only that educators can avail the resources of Chat Gpt for making class routines, generating ideas for boosting student engagement or MCQ questions for the class, etc. These activities will nourish students’ minds without overburdening the teacher. 

4. Kids without knowledge of Artificial Intelligence will fall behind

There is no doubt that the future lies with Artificial Intelligence. So instead of denying the reality, we have to implement it with classroom activities to prepare the students for the future. They need to evaluate the pros and cons of each AI tool to be able to use it properly. 

Without hands-on experience, it is impossible to do so. We have to find ways to align the school’s interest with AI.

Any kind of sudden technological shift is hard to digest. But with continued effort, we can prepare the future generation for victory. Life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership will heavily matter in the future, 

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