Our SEL Curriculum 

Our Social and Emotional Learning curriculum aligned to the CASEL Framework and is in full compliance with COPPA

Ready to enhance your students’ SEL skills?


 Innovative attitude helps students solve problems creatively and adapt to changing circumstances.


Leadership skills are vital for kids as it improves communication, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities

Emotional Intelligence

 Possessing a high level of emotional intelligence is essential for enhancing interpersonal relationships and making informed decisions.

What We Offer

Our platform simplifies SEL implementation, increases student engagement, and supports educators with certified moderators.

Extensive Game Library with Descriptive Lesson Plans

The students get the opportunity to experience new games on a weekly basis, covering all skills under the SEL curriculum.

Professional Development

Experts to ensure impactful and effective implementation of the TomoClub SEL curriculum.

Additional Resources

We offer a range of resources encompassing classroom management, reflective exercises, and effective engagement strategies.

Our Program

TomoClub’s customized implementation plans are designed to meet the distinctive needs of your school, guaranteeing an efficient SEL program.

Grade: 3-5

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Recognition
Emotional Vocabulary

Goal Setting
Active Listening

Data Interpretation

Grade: 6-8

Emotional Intelligence
Locus of Control
Stress Management

Birds’ View

Effective Planning
Risk Taking

Grade: 9-12

Emotional Intelligence
Social Awareness

Team Building

Resource Planning

How We Work

TomoClub is an innovative game-based learning platform that integrates SEL education into students daily lives. Our certified moderators oversee each session, ensuring a safe and engaging learning experience .

New Games Every Session

Every session is a new game with a detailed lesson plan.

Complete Control With The Moderator

Moderators run the session; students enjoy a seamless play-learn experience!

Highly Flexible

Students can access the games on their Desktop/ laptop.

Our Games

Our games have been carefully crafted to enhance children’s leadership abilities, emotional intelligence, and innovative mindset.

The First Settlers

Travel back in time with ‘The First Settlers.’ Grow fruit, generate electricity, expand water sources, and populate the map to create a flourishing settlement, rich in resources!
Skills: Resource Management, Problem-solving, Collaboration.

Backyard Blast

Strategize with your team, hurl villainous plants into your opponent’s backyard, and defend your backyard! Use unique tools and fertilizers to gain an edge. Get ready to rumble!

Skills: Foster Strategic Thinking and Time Management skills.

Secret Santa

Embark on a stealthy mission with your team to spread holiday cheer! Collect gifts, avoid obstacles, and finish your deliveries before time runs out to assist Santa.
Skills: Decision-making, Team-playing, and Critical Thinking skills.

The Crisis Crew

Explore a top-secret facility filled with challenging puzzles. Locate special keys, activate contraptions, and navigate your way through the mazes to win!
Skills: Active Listening, Visual and Spatial skills, and Improvisation.

Emotional Roller Coaster

Experience the thrill of a theme park – but with a twist! As the class teacher on a school field trip, observe your students’ needs and direct them to the rides they’ll enjoy the most!
Skills: Social-Emotional skills, Awareness of abilities, and Effective Planning.

E.I. Joe

As the Cheer Crew, talk to different townsfolk, identify emotions, and watch stories unfold in this narrative-driven co-op game!
Skills: Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Comprehension.

Meet TomoClub Experts

Transformational coach

Jake Mayers

Empathetic and result oriented Transformational coach with 10+ years in Health and Wellness.


Rachel Carroll

Passionate educator with 3+ years of experience working with elementary grades in California


Nathanael Thomasson

Enthusiastic Business Student with 4+ years of experience as a tutor

Implement Social-Emotional Learning in your Classroom with our worksheets

SWOT Analysis For Children

SWOT Analysis For Children

worksheet is designed to facilitate the development of self-awareness.
Critical Thinking Task Cards

Critical Thinking Task Cards

Equip students with tools necessary for academic and personal achievement.
30 Days SEL Activities For Kids

30 Days SEL Activities For Kids

Engagement in these activities will help cultivate SEL proficiencies among kids.

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