Kids should be treated as adults!

The phrase “kids will be kids” is often used as a justification for misbehavior. As much as young children’s brains are developing, they still have the ability to learn what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

To instill confidence and autonomy, parents need to stop condescending and talk to children like grownups. One of the best ways to discipline your child is to stop treating your kid like a kid.

We can all remember in our childhood wanting to be treated like adults. Whether it was more responsibility, dreaming about our future, being in charge on the playing field or in the playroom at home, or the choice over when to do our homework or our chores. We craved the opportunity to make choices, to learn from our own mistakes, to be in charge even if just for a minute, even if it was just being in charge of ourselves. We can look back now and recognize that we couldn’t handle too much responsibility yet, but we still wanted it. What we hated most of all was someone reminding us that we couldn’t handle it. Judging us for being a kid.

Kids don’t need us reminding them that they are children. We do it all the time without saying it out loud and they are constantly reminded of it just living every day.

We as parents should realize that we live in a very different time than the ones we’ve been raised in. And therefore, we should change our ways to teach values and help kids foster skills that’ll help them face the modern era with ease.

For reasons why Parents should treat their kids as adults — Check out the following blog.

1. Your kids will have a better understanding of boundaries.

2. Your kids will better understand responsibility.

3. Your kids might do more than what is expected of them.

4. Your kids will appreciate the value of being kind and considerate.

5. Your kids will find it easier to believe in themselves.

6. Your kids will become stronger and more resilient.

7. Your kids will understand that you can’t always get what you want.

8. Your kids will learn how valuable it can be to share experiences with others.

9. Your kids will really feel that they matter.

10. Your kids will grow up believing they really can make a difference.


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