Let’s Hear It From The Kids: Children Impact Stories EP: 2

Scott's impact story

This week we are sharing Scott\’s journey at Tomoclub. Read the full interview to know how Tomoclub helped him to get back on his feet.


Scott is 13 years old. He joined Tomoclub this January.

Interviewer: Hi Scott, Good Morning. How are you? 

Scott: I’m good. How are you doing? 

Interviewer: I’m fine. Thanks for asking. So do you know why we are conducting this interview? 

Scott: Yeah. You want to know about my experience with Tomoclub. 

Interviewer: Correct. How long are you in Tomoclub? 

Scott: I joined Tomoclub on the 8th of January. My mom participated in the 7th Jan game event and enjoyed the rapid gaming rounds. When I returned from my dad’s house, she was very excited. She told me all about Tomoclub and showed me some videos.

The concept seemed pretty interesting. After my affirmation, she enrolled me in the class.  

Interviewer: That’s fantastic. Are you comfortable sharing why your mom was looking for soft-skill training platforms? 

Scott: Yes, of course. I used to live with my granny and mother. My mom and dad separated early in my childhood. My mother is an accountant. She also does multiple side hustles. 

For obvious reasons, she never had enough time to spend with me. I was close with my granny. She was like a friend to me. 

I used to share all my school gossip, and crush stories with her. We had a great bond. On September 29, 2022, she died. She was strong and had no health-related issues. 

It kind of happened suddenly. That day, we had a small fight about school. I was really angry at her for forcing me to go to classes. 

I didn’t talk to her after coming back. When she came to my room, I avoided her. Mom told me she had a heart attack in her sleep. 

I felt as if it was my mistake. One night I finally told mom everything that happened on 29th September and about my feelings. 

She was shocked to know that I feel responsible for it. She then took me to a psychologist. The doc helped me cope with my emotions.

But something was missing. I was going to school but couldn’t follow what the teachers were saying. I felt lost when I was with my friends. 

I preferred to stay at home and avoided all kinds of social interactions. During this phase, my therapist told my mom about social-emotional activities and game-based learning platforms. She also recommended Tomoclub. 

Interviewer: Sorry to hear about your granny. Please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss. Did you notice any change in yourself after joining Tomoclub? 

Scott: To be very frank, I had no expectations. I was so close to dodging the first session. But then I thought about my mom and decided to join. 

In the first session, there was Robert, Bianca, and Scarlet. All were between 10-12. My team leader was Robert and we won all the matches. 

I didn’t even realize how 60 minutes passed by. Then the 15 January session was on the new game “Backyard Battle”. This time I was with Bianca. 

It was fun and exciting. After the first gaming round, I was happy and relaxed. The next day I tried to concentrate in the classes. 

Throughout the week I was waiting for the next session. I even contacted Robert. We spend some time strategizing. 

The previous session was nail-biting. I liked Backyard Battle more. I was on Bianca’s team. 

There were times we thought we were going to lose then we won. 

This week I contacted my two best friends and decided to have a night out. They were happy to get back the old Scott. My mom even got emotional. 

All this was possible because of Tomoclub. I was able to navigate through my emotions and found a safe way to express myself. I want to thank Tomoclub for this opportunity. 

Interviewer: We are also glad to have a student like you. Thank you for this interview. 




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