About Us

Our Mission

To foster the cognitive ability of today’s children, where kids grow to become better problem solvers, leaders, and innovators!

TomoClub is a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about learning and personal growth. Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space where kids can learn, grow, and discover their inner potential. 

Through our educational programs and events, we strive to make learning exciting, engaging, and relevant to today’s world. We believe that the structure of the traditional education system often discourages curiosity and independent thinking, and we want to help kids break free from that mould and discover their own passions and interests. 

We understand the importance of being surrounded by the right people and fostering a community of learners with similar interests and inclinations. That’s why we’ve created TomoClub – a place where kids can connect with others who share their love of learning and growth. 

At TomoClub, we believe that every child has the potential to be a problem solver, a leader, and an innovator. We are here to give kids the tools they need to thrive and become the best version of themselves. So, if you want your child to be a part of a community that encourages curiosity, creativity, and personal growth, we invite you to join us at TomoClub.

Our Team

Manik Mehta


Built and Scaled Leaf Studios and Leaf wearables (XPRIZE Winner) Taught over 1000 kids

Avinash Bansal


Product Head and Operations at Leaf Studios, Research scholar at UIUC, Illinois

Sai Praveen

(Senior Product Manager)

Content Design Editor at PlayShifu, Lead Product Copywriter at Relevel by Unacademy, IIT Kharagpur

Alexandra Macare


Ex-Curriculum at UAE Govt. as head of Faculty, Setup 5 Charter schools in USA

Matthew Neal

(Chief of Strategic Engagement)

15+ Years experiences in Sales and Marketing in the US Market


Chelsea Dean

(Educator and Psychologist)

Teach for India Alumna, SEL Teacher, Spent 5+ years as an educator in the social sector