5 Ways To Create Safe Spaces For Children To Open Up

Getting children to open up about their lives in or outside school, can be challenging as they grow up. To help you get them to talk, here are some of the ways to create safe spaces for children to open up.

Create Dialogue Circles

This is an effective way for community building in classrooms. Students sit facing each other, preferably in a circle where conversations and open communication takes place. Ensure that all the students are listening to each other as they share their thoughts about a topic.

Make And Celebrate Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but for many it can be a process where we lose
confidence and self-esteem. Developing a positive culture around mistake-making is critical in creating a safe space to explore new concepts in learning. The learning pit is a lovely visual prop to use when discussing mistakes; however, modelling and making your own mistakes has far more power.

Create A ‘Zen Zone’

Classrooms can be loud, distracting, colorful places with a lot going on and a lot to take in. Some children, when presented with even the quietest classroom, can still feel like the space is too much. A quiet, calm space can be a safe refuge for all children and you might be surprised who uses it when it is offered. My ‘Zen zone’ is used regularly by children after play and lunch as a personal place where they can reflect, relax and be alone. This space has significantly reduced the number of ‘crisis’ moments in class, despite the wide range of incredibly complex needs present.

Praise Publicly, Sanction In Private

We’ve all had that moment when we overtly challenge behavior in the
classroom, only for it to escalate and lead to further issues.
Often this can stem from the children involved having low self-esteem that is
further lowered by being singled out negatively in front of their peers.
Sometimes this can lead to fight or flight responses that can be really
challenging for all present.

Enable them to become self-learners

We are living in a world that is changing at a pace that has never been seen
before. There are rapid advances being made at multiple levels in terms of
technology and innovation. Kids need to aware of their own abilities to grasp the information thrown at them. By enabling to learn and comprehend better, we equip them with a life skill that can outlast any material degree.

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