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5 Parenting Mistakes That Slow Down Kids’ Emotional Development


Emotional Development refers to improvements in social, behavioral, intellectual, and communication skills. All these factors are dependent on each other. If one segment is suffering, it will influence other parts too


Almost 9.4% of US kids are battling anxiety, behavior problems, and depression. Most of them are 3-17 years old. It is scary. 
As a parent sometimes it becomes overwhelming to take care of everything. People make mistakes during these moments. While most mishaps are solvable, some might end up creating life-long problems. 
Here we will discuss 5 parenting methods that harm the mental health of kids in the long term.

5 Parenting Errors That Disrupts The Healthy Mindset In Children

1. Overdoing Things 

If you are fulfilling your kid’s demand right away or solving issues for them, you are preparing him for failure. Over-pampering develops a co-dependent mentality in children. This is dangerous for their future as they will always look for someone to fix their problems. 
Instead, let youngsters take small responsibilities and prepare them for the coming days. Be a guide, not an assistant. Make sure you are giving enough time and attention to your children. 
Otherwise, it will create emotional damage. 

2. Underestimating Problems 

Most parents are guilty of doing this. When you avoid kids’ struggles with small things, you are invalidating their emotions. According to Jaclyn Gulotta, a licensed mental health counselor, and psychologist, this attitude teaches kids to avoid problems
It will affect their thought process and well-being. They might end up thinking there is no one for them. So listen to your little one when he talks about his troubles and teach him how to deal with them.

3. Comparing him with other kids  

Comparing a kid with his peers is a terrible parenting habit. Because the child feels he is not good enough for XYZ reasons. This boosts the feeling of jealousy in teenagers and later on becomes a part of their identity. 
As a result, he might grow toxic and criticize everyone who is doing better. Further, there is a high chance of developing an inferiority complex. Embrace your kid’s uniqueness and work on his weak points.

4. Protecting them from failure 

It is hard for parents to see their babies facing difficulties in life. But creating a shield for them beforehand will only make them fragile. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. 
But, when you rescue your kid from every blunder, he might develop unrealistic beliefs. It can impact their self-soothing ability. The goal of Tomoclub is to enhance self-management, resilience, perseverance, creativity, and communication skills in children
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5. Not setting boundaries or rules 

Rules provide children with ideas of what to expect throughout the day. Also, it allows kids to be accountable for their actions. A lack of guidelines might trigger negative emotions in youngsters. 
Dr. Jaclyn says, “This impacts kids both short- and long-term in how they learn to respond to situations. In the short term, children may overstep boundaries and have little to no respect for their parents. In the long-term, children may feel they are entitled and expect to get what they want even with poor behavior,\”.
Plus your little one might become the victim of procrastination and over-burden himself. On the other hand, being too strict with rules or not adjusting them with age, might make him rigid. You can take help from mental health professionals while setting regulations. 
The journey of parents is not easy. You learn and evolve daily. It is okay to make mistakes here and there. 
Don’t forget to recognize and solve them before it becomes a concern. 
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