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November 28, 2022

The Super Mario effect! — Learn while you Play👾

Can Super Mario help you study more effectively? Yes, says Mark Rober, a popular YouTuber, and former NASA engineer. His fifteen-minute TEDxTalk, entitled; “The Super Mario Effect — Tricking Your Brain into Learning More” justifies it pretty well. He begins by sharing information from a human behavior experiment he conducted earlier that intrigued his curiosity …

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👾Is Your Child Spending Way Too Much Time Onscreen?💻

5 Notions of Digital Minimalism📱 Educators make all efforts they can to encourage and include kids in developing their very own, preferably unrestricted relationship with technology and learning. Cal Newport’s book Digital Minimalism usually seeks to improve the balance between digital technology and life, particularly regards to social media, and to steer clear of obsessive …

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📚Coping with Home-Work Anxiety and Stress🧠

Children might not comprehend the value of homework while they are young. Nevertheless, adults do. Helping them understand the advantages of homework promotes an aptitude approach and develops time management abilities. The primary goal is to enhance a child’s memory and comprehension of what was or will be taught in the classroom. Students should cultivate …

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Knowledge Retention🧠

What makes learning interesting for a child? A great learning process can prove to be successful when students engage in it and participate. Good informative content along with engaging games are today’s learning secrets. Today’s youth cultivates to learn more through the medium of fun games and projects. Talking further, we human beings make mistakes …

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