🤸‍♀️Productivity in Kids 👩‍💻

A child may not have the same motivation to complete a chore or do their homework as they would to play a video game. As a parent, we’ve tried various methods to get them to finish what they’ve started but it all ends in vain. There can be many reasons why the productivity of a kid can be affected Distraction being one of the major reasons— there can a lot more to why a child might be able to be as productive as he should be while completing a task.

Here are some basic tips and tricks a parent can use to help grow your child’s productivity.

  1. Define growth to them — Explain to kids that it takes small steps to reach a larger goal. All one has to do is be consistent in the efforts that are put towards something. This will help them develop a growth mindset and little failures along the way won’t pull them down. Make them monitor and assess every aspect of their progress so that they can figure out their strengths, which they can finish easily, and weak spots, which require more work.
  2. Ownership — Teach children accountability and make them accountable for their actions. Let them take their own decisions so that they face the consequences that it brings and also learn from it. This will help them become more aware and decisive in nature. Each decision brings forward an opportunity and every opportunity comes at a cost. While teaching them ownership we want to help them build more efficient decision making skills.
  3. Physical Activity — Staying at home the entire day, playing video games, watching TV can make them feel lethargic and lazy. A physical activity helps them to be more proactive and fit. The activity can be as simple as running, jogging or a fun workout activity.
  4. Assign work to them — Ask your child to help you with the household chores. It evokes a sense of responsibility and teaches them time management. Parents can teach kids to be more productive while seeking help from their kids by setting an example on how to get things done quickly without any errors.
  5. Make the task purposeful — The task needs to be interesting and relevant to what a kid wants to do otherwise chances are that the kid might just leave it unfinished. If the kid is unable to comprehend the relevancy of the task, motivate him by showing the importance of each step that goes in the process. You can also make the task more interesting by gamifying the entire process.
  6. Make plans for the day — Making plans for the entire day helps you finish any activity or task within the time allotted. There is also the added advantage of being able to dedicate time to multiple tasks that can be accomplished during the day hence giving a feeling of greater accomplishment than tackling just one problem, which can get boring and monotonous.
  7. Explain the importance of having a balanced life — While there might be urges to finish a task at one go or not do things at all, having a balanced schedule and helps one be consistent with the efforts they put it. Consistency is the key to everything and kids need to realize this as early as possible, so that they can keep working on something and finish with the same mindset they started it with.
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