🏃‍♂️Why do kids need more exposure to the real world?🗺

No matter how big they grow up to become we still treat our kids like toddlers, and spoon-feed them stuff that they should be figuring out by themselves; But in the process are we really preparing our kids for the real world?

Our kids are raised in a cocoon where the interaction of kids is just limited to their immediate peers.
Traditional schools have failed miserably as they haven\’t been able to keep up with the changes that society brings. The one size fits all system hones memorization as a skill and neglects the skills that actually require attention.

Another idea on which a school is sold to people is socializing and engagement with peers while they learn, but it’s still hard to get our head around the fact that a lot of kids end up becoming socially awkward even after they’ve graduated from school.

Life skills are valuable lessons kids will use throughout their lifetime. But most kids don’t learn how to handle real-world situations until they’re in high school. One shouldn’t wait till they’re in their teens to introduce them to real life problems.

Bookish knowledge deprives a kid of what is really out there. A kid should experience it first hand, makes mistakes, correct what he does wrong and learns from that entire process. Almost every employer, in every occupation, prefers workers who know how to problem-solve, be creative, work collaboratively, and communicate well.

Parents should be focusing on teaching their children practical lessons. Start with decision making and then build on each life skill lesson as your children grow.

It’s about how we teach, not what we teach. Kids need to learn deeper lessons by doing project-based/gamified work so that they don’t forget the facts after the test is over.

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