🎒Homeschooling…. Why so serious?🙁

Homeschooling is overwhelming. Period!😪

The sense of feeling overwhelmed is indeed a true struggle for many homeschoolers. Managing home with the added task of educating your child and often with no break!. Homeschoolers take on a tremendous amount of responsibility. To-do lists seem to be never ending. Appointments and activities are mixed in with making sure our kids receive the education that they need. Curriculums change on a daily basis and also the worry of missing out on what a traditional school offers seeps in real quick. 🙇‍♀️

Initially it can be quite a tough experience for anyone starting to homeschool, but it doesn\’t mean that it has to last like that forever.🌻

🚀Join a fun and relaxing webinar series by Alexandra Macare and Avinash Bansal to simplify Homeschooling.🤙

🙋‍♀️Alexandra has been a teacher, school leader and developer, and currently travels the world consulting and supporting families through homeschooling and micro-schooling.👩‍🏫

👨‍💼 Avinash has been a seasonal entrepreneur and founder of Tomo Club, educational gaming platform for kids (9–14 years)to learn 21st century skills.👨‍🏫

Register here for the free webinar on Sunday, 27th March 2022, 1PM PDT :

Thank you✨🎉

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